Dog Grooming Services

Dog Haircut, Nail Trimming, and More

Whether you have a Golden Retriever or a Shih Tzu, PN Dog Grooming in Naperville, IL can provide them with safe and reliable dog grooming services. Any dog breed and size can enjoy our expert dog haircut services - making us the one-stop shop for pet parents with pet grooming needs. It is our duty to ensure that your dog has the most enjoyable experience possible.

Dog in Bathroom

A Fun Dog Grooming Experience

PN Dog Grooming believes that the safety and comfort of our doggie customers are paramount. That's why we only hire pet groomers who genuinely love and care for animals. From nail trimming to teeth cleaning, you can certainly count on us.   


The PN Dog Grooming Premium service includes:
  • Doggy bath with high quality Shampoo especial selected for your dog's hair;
  • Specialty Cream Rinse Conditioner;
  • Relaxing Massage of whole body;
  • Hair Drying;
  • Ear Cleaning;
  • Nail Trim;
  • Thorough Hair Brushing;
  • Paw Hair Trim;
  • Sanitary Haircut;
  • Finishing Spray/ Coat Shine.
This service is $60 for small and medium size dogs. If you have large or giant dog our service starts at $80 and goes up depending on a type of hair.

You can add onto our Premium service or you can come for Single service any of the following:
  • Teeth Brushing - $10;
  • Nail Trim - $10;
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo - $10;
  • Shedding Service - $10 for 15 minutes;
  • De-matting Service - $10 for 15 minutes;
  • Bath only - start at $30.

Cutting Big Black Schanuzer Dog